Wave & Propogation Trainer

Microwave Test Benches
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The Wave and Propagation Trainer is a useful training system for the Laboratories. It helps student to learn Wave Properties and Propagation results. Concepts of Reflection, Refraction, Polarization, Diffraction, Interference, Standing waves and Interferometer can be understood very easily. The setup mainly consists of Microwave Transmitter, Microwave Receiver, Goniometer scale. Along with this setup a number of other accessories are provided to perform different experiments. A user friendly manual is provided with this system to help student in performing the experiments and to understand the topic theoretically.

Technical Specifications:
Frequency of Operation : 10 GHz (approx)
Power of Transmission : 10 -15 mW
Operating Voltage : 8 V (approx)
Antennas for Transmission & Reception : Horn type
Ganiometer Scale : 0° - 360°
Tone Generator : 1 KHz Frequency
Transmitter and Receiver arm length : 49 cm each (approx)
Power Display : Digital, RelativeMeasurements
Power Supply : 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz