Water Cooling Tower Apparatus

Thermodynamics Lab
Order Code 29105


The apparatus consists of a forced draught, counter flow type-cooling tower. A blower supplies cooling air. Air enters the tower at the bottom. Hot water is, obtained from a geyser. Hot water is sprayed over the mesh packing through the nozzles and it flows downwards. Evaporative cooling of water occurs due to the current of air and water gets cooled. This student can study the operation of cooling tower and  Calculate the energy balance. 
Cooling tower, fabricated of M.S. Sheets, 200 X 200 mm. cross section
1.2m. height with Perspex front. Wire mesh packing is provided in the tower. Geyser - 3 Kw Capacity to provided hot water.
Centrifugal blower, 1 HP capacity to force air through the tower.
Multichannel Digital Temperature indicator to measure temperature at various points.
Rotameter to measure inlet water flow.
Measuring tank to measure outlet water flow.
Calibrated orifice and water manometer to measure airflow.
Arrangement to measure dry and wet bulb temperatures of air at 5 intermediate stations.
A technical manual accompanies the unit. The unit Is provided with anticorrosion an attractive color powder coating. 
440V, 32A, AC supply with neutral and earthing connection.
Floor space of about 2m. X 1.5m.
Water flow of 10 Ht./min. at constant head