Vibration Lab (Set Of 11 Experiment)

Theory Of Machine Lab
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The VIBLAB is designed to help in conducting various experiments to illustrate and verify the principles and relations involved in the study of Vibrations. This apparatus enables a comprehensive range of Vibration Experiments to be conducted on single basic framework. The frame is robustly constructed from channel section. The experiments are specially designed for quick and easy assembly on to the framework using a minimum amount of common engineering tools. To reduce changeover time on tube more advanced free and forced vibration experiments, large knurled knobs are used to clamp components on the frame and many components are common to several 
All of the referenced groups of experiments are available separately making it possible to procure them individually & if required to build up a complete set over a period of time.
1.Wide range of experiments.
2.Forced and Free Vibrations.
3.Damped and undamped vibrations.
4.Arrangements for variation of damping.
5.Sturdy storage cabinet.
6.Experiments easily assembled.
7.Covers experiments for undergraduate studies.
8.Scope for student projects.
[I] Pendulum Experiments:
1.Simple Pendulum.
2.Compound Pendulum.
3.Bi-filler Suspension.
[II] Longitudinal Vibration Expiariment.
1.Spring Mass System.
2.Eciuivalent Spring Mass study of undarrped
3.System free vibration
[III] Torsional Vibration Experiment.
1.Single Rotor Systern.
2.Two Rotor System.
3.Single Rotor with viscous darnping.
[IV] Damped Vibration Experiment.
1.Verification of Dukerleys Rule.
2.Forced rotor with viscous damping along with frictional HP Motor Strip chart recorder & control unit.
3.A technical manual accompanies the equipment.
Services required:
1.230 V, A.C. stabilized supply along with earthing connection.
2.Bench area 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m height.
3.Tachometer to measure the jumping speed, (can be supplied extra)