Three Phase Lab

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The Three Phase Lab with Three Phase Low Voltage Power Supply is an elite training system for the electrical laboratories. There is a three phase low voltage supply that provides 18 V of low voltage which is highly safe. This system is valuable in understanding the basic concepts of Three phase circuits like star-delta connections, their phase and line voltages, currents etc. Being different from the present scenario, this system is designed in such a way that a student can himself make connections of three phase circuits because all the experiments are performed on low voltage. The product is designed with keeping in mind that R, L, C combination can be connected in series as well as in parallel in Three Phase circuits.

Technical Specifications
Three Phase Low Voltage Power Supply (01)
Input : Three Phase Mains (230 V Phase
voltage, 415 Line voltage 50 Hz) ± 10%
Outputs : 18V Phase voltage, 28V line voltage 50 Hz ± 10%
MCB (Power Switch) : Four Phase
Three Phase: (02)
Input : 18 V each phase, 50 Hz ± 10% Loads (03)
Resistors : 1K, 10K, 47K & 100K
Capacitors : 0.01 mf, 0.1 mf, 0.22 mf & 0.33mf
Inductors : 1.2 mH, 10 mH, 40 mH & 100mH