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An industrial robot with five joints closely resembles a human arm - it has the equivalent of a shoulder, an elbow and a wrist. Robotic arm has a vital role in industrial development. Study of Robotic Arm is a combination of physics, mathematics, mechanical, electronics, structural engineering and computer science.
Robotic Arm is versatile training equipment for all robotics enthusiasts to understand the very basic concept of robotics. Robotic arm can be controlled from software or control panel. Control panel has LCD, switches, home sensor LED, connector for external interface with DIP switches and USB interface. From software user can control each DOF individually through mouse click or key board. Programming a robot was never so easy before our software where user can write instructions in editor window which after compiling can directly downloaded into the processor of robotic arm for defined Automation Task. 

Technical Specifications
Work volume : 2100000 mm3
Base AOF : 300°
Elbow AOF : 90°
Wrist AOF : 180°
Wrist Turn AOF : 180°
Gripper AOF : 80°
Allowed Payload : 350 g
Number of Stepper Motor : 1
Number of DC Motor : 2
Number of Servo Motors : 3
Number of limit Switch : 1
Stepper Motor Specifications :
Type : 6 wire, Unipolar
Step Angle : 1.8°
Holding Torque : 20
Operating Voltage : 5 Volts