Robot - Ladybug Robot Kit

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Robotic DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits enhances learning skills for Hobbyist, Science & Engg. Students. The kits enhances technical skills in the field of soldering, electronics, sensors (light, sound, infrared) and mechanical systems. They provide hands on experience for co-ordination of electronics with mechanical arrangements to give shape to a science, ROBOTICS. All the kits are complete with different parts, electronic & mechanical components, step by step write up, circuits and mechanical arrangements. The system can be assembled by learner to give them PRACTICAL EDGE.
Ladybug Robot Kit (Infrared Sensor):
Ladybug Robot works on its six legs and makes use of infrared light emitting diodes as its eyes to avoid obstacles. The Robo makes a left turn when there is shadow in front of it and continues to move unless
there is again shadow. The electronic settings can be changed to give different sets of movement and provides fun to the learners.