Optical Transducers Trainer (Photoconductive Cell, Photovoltaic Cell, Phototransistor & Pin Photodiode)

Instrumentation Trainers
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Optical and Temperature transducers play a very important role in today's industrial and domestic applications. optical and Temperature Transducers Trainers are unique in design because each cover study of 4 different type transducers. Experiments covering fundamental characteristics of transducers & study of transducer controlled switching alarm systems can be performed with these trainers. These trainers comes with exhaustive manuals covering theory and experimental procedures for conducting experiments.

Scope of Learning:
01. Characteristics of filament Lamp
02. Characteristics of Photovoltaic Cell
03. Characteristics of Photoconductive Cell
04. Characteristics of Photo transistor
05. Characteristics of PIN Photo diode
06. Light Controlled Switch System
Technical Specification:
01. Transducers : 4Nos.
1.1 Photoconductive Cell
1.2 Photovoltaic Cell
1.3 Photo transistor
1.4 PIN Photo diode
02. Light Source : Filament Lamp
03. Signal Conditioning Circuitry
3.1 Power Amplifier
3.2 Current Amplifier
3.3 DC Amplifier
3.4 Cooperator
3.5 Electronic Switch
3.6 Buffer
04. Input Circuits : Rotary&Slide Potentiometers
05. Output Circuits
5.1 Moving Coil Meter
5.2 Relay
5.3 Buffer
06. Interconnections : 4mmbanana sockets
07. Mains Supply : 100 - 240V, 50Hz. 60Hz on request
08. Power Consumption : 2VA(approx)
09. Accessories : Line cord, Manual, Set of Patch Cords