Hydraulic Trainer Electrohydraulic

Thermodynamics Lab
Order Code 29109


Silent features
1. Software for simulation of Hydraulic circuits.
2. We are manufacturing cylinders for industrial applications. Our cylinders can withstand pressure up to 
160 Bar.
3. Mobile and self-contained unit, only electrical connections are required.
4. Simplicity of operation and designed for amateur use.
5. Two pressure relief valves are provided in the system. One is provided inside the tank to increase the 
6. Hoses can withstand pressure of 188 Bar.
7. Test Pressure : 80 Bar ; Operating Pressure : 40 Bar.
8. Realistic Industrial circuits are demonstrated.
9. Special Bell housing is provided to maintain the Run out between Pump and Motor below 0.020mm.
10. Special fixtures used for pipe bending and ferrule fitting arrangement.
11. Specially designed front mounting plate.
12. System is flushed with very high velocity (4 times the working pressure) by separate oil which maintains 
class A cleanliness of system.
13. Lowest pressure drop in the system to avoid overheating.
14. Cylinder are manufactured from precision honed tubes, hardened ground, hard chrome plated piston rods 
and imported quality seals