DC Machine Lab 2

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DC Machine Lab-II is an important system for the Electrical laboratories. It is DC Machine Lab-II that provides comprehensive learning of functioning of a DC Motor. It can aptly be employed for performing various exercises like Motor Starting, Speed Control, N-I Characteristics etc. Thus the trainer makes the subject understanding complete.

DC Shunt Motor
Mechanical Loading arrangement
Exclusive and rugged designed panel
Stand alone operation
Designed by considering all the safety precautions
High quality meters
Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections
Provided with an extensive e-manual
2 Years warranty

Technical Specifications
Input : 180 V Fixed DC
0-180 V Variable DC
DC Machine
Type : DC Shunt
Rating : ½ HP
RPM : 1400 (No Load)
Meters used
Voltmeter (MC) : 300 V
Ammeter (MC) : 1 A
Ammeter (MC) : 5 A
Dimensions (mm.) : 350 W´ 600 D ´ 450 H (Panel)
                              : 250 W´ 400 D ´ 600 H (Motor)