Theory Of Machine Lab
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This set up is designed to study coriollis component of Acceleration of a slider crank Mechanism. The apparatus uses hydraulic analogy to represent the rotating slider. It consists of a rotating block with two arms in opposite direction. These tubes can be rotated at various speeds by using a swinging field motor, which also acts as a dynamometer to measure torque applied to rotating tubes. A Perspex window on top cover helps to visualize the process. Rotameter 
is used to measure water flow rate through tubes. Water is circulated by small monoblaock pump.
1.Main Tank with fiberglass lining.
2.Rotating Arms 9/6 mm dia, 300 mm long.
3.Motor - Swinging field, D.C., 0.5 HP.
5.Monoblock Pump
6.Control Panel comprising of -
(i) Speed Control Unit.
(ii) Speed Indicator.
(iii) Necessary switches.
7.Rigid support frame. 
Range of Experiment:
Coriollis Component of Acceleration can be determined at various speeds of rotation and water flow rates. 
Service Required:
1.A.C. Single Phase .230 V. stabilized supply.
2.Floor Space -1.5 m X 1.5 m.