Cam Analysis Apparatus

Theory Of Machine Lab
Order Code 29005


The apparatus is designed to study the cam profiles and performance of cam and follower system. The apparatus consists of a shaft supported by ball bearings upon which three different types of cams can be mounted.

The push rod for follower is supported vertically, which can adopt three different types of followers. Cams and followers can be changed easily. A variable speed motor rotates the cam. A dial gauge permits plotting of follower displacement with respect to cam position. By operating the system at different Speeds, jump speed can be found and also the effect of weight and spring force on jump speed can be studied. Jump can be visualized also with the 
help of stroboscope (it is not supplied With the product). 

1.Cam -Eccentric, tangent and circular ARC type - one each.
2.Follower- mushroom, flat faced and roller type - one each.
3.Cams and followers are hardened to reduce wear of the surfaces.
4.Variable speed motor coupled to camshaft of suitable range and Variac.
5.A dial gauge to note the follower displacement.
6.A technical manual accompanies the equipment.

Services required:
1.230 V, A.C. stabilized supply along with earthing connection.
2.Bench area 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m height.
3.Tachometer to measure the jumping speed, (can be supplied extra)