Microwave Test Benches
Order Code 10411


Advanced Microwave Integrated Circuit Lab includes instruments and accessories for studying the characteristics of any MIC (Microwave Integrated Circuits) component over the Frequency Range 2.2 to 3GHz. Characteristics and measurements like Transmission Loss and Reflection Loss of different MIC components can be studied with the help of instruments provided with Order Code- 10411 / 10411A. Directivity and Gain of Antennas can also be measured with the setup provided. The theoretical background on these components and experimental details are provided in the learning material.

Complete setup with Generator, MIC Components and Meter.
Gold Plated Components and Connectors.
Microwave Generator with internal AM and FM.
PC to PC Data Communication.
Antenna Radiation Pattern measurement.
Directivity and Gain measurement.
2 Year Warranty

This Training System Includes:
Microwave Generator (2.2 - 3GHz)
VSWR Meter
MIC Components
Learning Material
Transmitting and Receiving mast

VSWR Meter:
Sensitivity : 0.1mV for 200W input impedance for full scale deflection
Noise Level : Less than 0.02mV
Range : 0 - 60 dB in 10 dB steps
Input : Un-biased low and high impedance crystal biased crystal (200 and 200K)
Meter Scale : SWR 1-4, SWR 3-10, dB 0-10, expand SWR 1-1.3, dB 0-2
Gain Control : Adjusts the reference level, variable range 0 -10 dB (approximate)
Input Connector : BNC (F)
Input Frequency : 1000Hz ±10%
Power Supply : 230V ±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz on request
Power consumption : 2VA(approximate)
Dimension (mm) : W 262 x D 316 x H 130